*SCAPEmedia SCREEN: Rubbers | 2015 | Singapore | Comedy | In Mandarin with English subtitles | 86 min | R21 (Sexual Content)


Director: Han Yew Kwang

2015 | Singapore | Comedy | In Mandarin with English subtitles | 86 min | R21 (Sexual Content)

Cast: Marcus Chin, Julian Hee, Yeo Yann Yann, Lee Chau Min, Oon Shu An, Gillian Tan, Alaric Tay, Catherine Sng

Condoms aren’t just for protection. They can also be used to save a failing marriage, seduce a plumber, or to punish a selfish playboy. And so it is for this quirky romance comedy in which nothing seems to make sense, and yet everything fits together nicely.

Adam is a playboy who dislikes wearing condoms. One day, he wakes up with a condom that he can’t remove. Meanwhile, Ah Hua is contemplating divorcing her husband of 30 years. AhNiu, who has been visiting prostitutes suddenly recalls how he tricked Ah Hua into thinking that condoms were balloons when he first pursued her so many years ago. Baoling, a condom critic gets advice from Durian, a talking condom on how to seduce Thor, a plumber who has come to fix her ‘faulty’ tap.

SPOTLIGHT: Indie Producing with Han Yew Kwang and Lau Chee Nien

Join us after the screening and meet the filmmaking duo of writer/director Han Yew Kwang, and producer Lau Chee Nien. Yew Kwang and Chee Nien are well known for their unique brand of comedy and several independent feature films, including UNARMED COMBAT, 18GRAMS OF LOVE, WHEN HAINAN MEETS TEOCHEW, and most recently RUBBERS, which was commercially released in cinemas in 2015. Join Chee Nien and Yew Kwang as they will be sharing their experience on the more practical aspects of filmmaking from crowd funding to securing a distributor and marketing their film. This talk is especially relevant for the independent producers and filmmakers, as well as audiences who will like to get an insight into what goes on behind the producing of an indie feature.

About the Producer

LAU CHEE NIEN has produced five independent features and a sitcom with director Han Yew Kwang. His thesis film GRANDFATHER 公公 picked up a diploma for directing from the Pyongyang Film Festival in 2002. After graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with an advance diploma in film production specialising in directing, he directed a series of televised programmes that include children’s drama and infotainment for production companies such as Oak 3 Films, Ochre Pictures, Scrawl Studios and Eyecon Productions. He learnt how to produce while on the job and has also taught production as an adjunct at his alma mater, Temasek Polytechnic, LASALLE College of the Arts and ITE College Central. 18g Pictures is the company he set up with Yew Kwang in 2009 to produce their own content, which includes WHEN HAINAN MEETS TEOCHEW 当海南遇上潮州 (2010), LOVE IN A CAB 等一等爱情 (2010) and RUBBERS 套 (2015).

About the Director

HAN YEW KWANG graduated with a degree in architecture but went on to work as a scriptwriter at MediaCorp Studios (then known as the Television Corporation of Singapore) on sitcoms such as RIGHT FREQUENCY 播映人 and DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY 敢敢做个开心人. He later studied directing at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and his thesis film THE CALL HOME won the Best Film Award at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2002. His debut film UNARMED COMBAT 铁男 was screened in 2005 and he followed that up with 18 GRAMS OF LOVE 爱情十八克 (2007), WHEN HAINAN MEETS TEOCHEW 当海南遇上潮州 (2010) and RUBBERS 套 (2015). He also created the hit Mandarin sitcom FOLKS JUMP OVER THE WALL飞越佛跳墙 (2008). More recent works include writing and directing for the blockbuster television drama THREE WISHES 三个愿望 (2014) and ACCIDENTAL AGENTS 绝队保险(2015) which Wawa Pictures produced.

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Sat Feb 20, 2016
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